Residential Wireless Pricing

MICoffers Wireless Radio Broadband Internet Service to Boulder, Great Falls, Helena, Lewistown, Townsend and many surrounding areas. In order to qualify for this type of service, you must have line of sight from your residence to one of our local radio repeaters. To determine if you qualify, we can do a site analysis of your location over the phone or we may need to perform a site survey of the proposed location. Please call us at 443-3347 to find out if service is available at your location.

If you qualify, we will need to install the correct equipment. There is a one time installation charge of $250. This is a one-time equipment charge and covers the lifetime of the service. MIC will manage, maintain, upgrade, repair or replace damaged equipment at no additional charge provided the damage is not caused by the customer.  The rental price of the equipment is included in your monthly fee.
Your computer must have an Ethernet card or connection.  (

Choose one of our High Speed Options:

  • Option 1 - Up to 10mbps with committed 384Kbps for $30 per month (any frequency).
  • Option 2 - Up to 10mbps with committed 768Kbps for $45 per month (any frequency).
  • Option 3 - Up to 10mbps with committed 2Mbps for $55 per month (2.4 & 5.7 only).

These speeds are the same for both directions less overhead.

In Boulder we have a different pricing structure.

  • Option 1 - Up to 10mbps with committed 500Kbps for $30 per month
  • Option 2 - Up to 10mbps with committed 1Mbps for $45 per month
  • Option 3 - Up to 10mbps with committed 2Mbps for $55 per month

Certain locations may not have all services available due to line of sight and other issues. It will depend on where you are that will determine which one is available.

All accounts include the following:

  • 3 email boxes
  • 20MB of space on our mail server
  • 24x7 (always on) access
  • Single IP address (static or dynamic at our discretion.)
  • Data transfer of up to 20 GB/month (varies with speed option '6/6/20')
  • A qualified technician installation (The one time installation fee)
  • Equipment management & maintenance.


Additional services:

  • Each GB of transfer over normal is $15 per month.
  • Each additional email address is $2 per month.
  • Each additional static ip address is $1 per month


Some other charges:

  • There is also a home wireless access point (WiFi) option available. For a one time fee of $50, we will install a  Wireless-G Access Point Router, and maintain it at no additional cost.
  • A one-time charge is assessed to move the equipment (for reasons other than service issues) is $99.


Installation Issues:

Generally we will be installing an antenna similar to a satellite tv antenna or smaller on a side of your house that has good reception of our signal. From there we will need to run a cable to some point close to the location of your computer (300ft. max.). We will then need to drill a hole for the cable to gain access to the inside. From this point we can run the cable to your computer, a convenient location for your router or your wiring closet. If necessary we will drill one additional hole in an interior wall to gain access to that location.

Network Issues:

Your computer must have an Ethernet card or connection.  (Sometimes called a NIC card.)  Many computers come with this connection built-in.
The customer is responsible for his/her internal network and the working/operation of it and the computers/programs. We are responsible for supplying that computer/internal network with internet access. We will manage the router if supplied by us. We will also show the customer how to set up one email account with an '' domain name on one computer.

Legal Issues:

The customer must return the signed service agreement before we can schedule the install.  This contract runs for one year and then month to month thereafter.
The subscriber agrees not to use M.I.C.'s server to generate or send any unsolicited commercial email (SPAM), or to use the connection to violate any laws.


If you are unable to find the information that you are looking for, please call us!

Note: Information on this site is subject to change as technology changes. Please call for up to date information.