I can't get on the internet

We get this call quite often. Most of the time it just involves power cycling the microwave radio, dsl modem or router. This is accomplished by removing power to the devices for about 30 seconds and reapplying it.  Both the modem and router have wall warts that can be unplugged.  If that is inconvenient they can be unplugged at the other end of the cord.

The radio is a special case. It has a small black box about 1 x 1 x 2 inches thats called a power injecter connected to the first piece of equipment that the cable from the microwave radio is connected to. Either its wall wart needs to be unplugged or the cable coming from the outside microwave radio to the power injecter needs to be disconnected for about 30 seconds.

Just like your computer which sometimes doesn't respond to your inputs, these devices must also be recycled somethimes. You should never however push the reset button on these devices unless specifically told to do so by a Montana Internet Corp. technician.

If this doesn't solve the problem we can be reached during business hours (8-5) at 443-3347. After hours, please call 442-4378.